Preventing Homelessness

In addition to supported temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness, Dignity provides a range of services that empower people at risk of homelessness to prevent homelessness from occurring. Dignity’s Food Relief program is a good example of this, assisting people in need within the community and easing the financial burden of putting food on the table.

Food relief

Many people in the community are doing it tough right now and some are regularly having to make the hard decision between paying rent and buying food.

Our wonderful team of volunteers prepare over 3,000 individually portioned, nourishing home-cooked meals each month with comforting family favourites such as roast dinners, slow-simmered bolognaise, lasagne and flavourful curries on high rotation.

Dignity has partnered with a number of community-based organisations to provide easy access to meals for vulnerable members of the community already being supported at the centres.

Changing attitudes

We work closely with businesses, schools, organisations and communities to raise awareness about homelessness, dispel the myths and stigma surrounding homelessness, and educate people on how we can work together to find solutions and end homelessness.

Find out more about our corporate volunteering and schools involvement programs. 

Together we can end homelessness. Get involved.