Our Why

We are a charity with a different perspective. By keeping people, families and community at the heart of everything we do, and providing essential services, such as a safe place, nourishing food, new clothes and education, we walk alongside people on their journey back “home”.

Treating people with dignity is a critical step in empowering people experiencing homelessness to find their path forward.

Changing the way we view homelessness

We understand that homelessness can happen to anyone. And we provide the support that’s needed to help people who are in crisis to focus on getting their lives back on track.

  • People aren’t “homeless”. It doesn’t define them. They’re people like you and me and they are experiencing homelessness at this moment in their lives.
  • Our homes are beautiful, warm and inviting
  • People thrive in homes, not shelters
  • Every person, family and situation is different: a cookie-cutter approach won’t work
  • Once people have a safe place to stay, the right support will help them find hope, regain control and find their way out of homelessness

Together we can end homelessness. Get involved.