Our Approach

In working to end homelessness, we rely on a multi-faceted and innovative approach, defined by five key elements:

  1. Specialist-led

    Dignity is led by a team of specialists, with decades of experience in social services, housing, government services and domestic violence.

  2. Collaborative

    ‘Better together’ is our motto. We know we can achieve maximum impact when we  collaborate with other agencies and charities, government, corporate partners, and our volunteers.

  3. Research-backed

    Our intervention programs are informed by the latest research and trends and we implement sector-wide best practice.

  4. Data-driven

    To better record, measure and understand our social impact, we created a system and software (DigInS – Dignity Informatics System) – a unique solution to manage homelessness data and evaluate our projects.

  5. Agility

    Our organisation is innovative, agile and transparent, so we can more effectively partner with other organisations, collaborate with other charities and involve the community – for maximum impact.

Together we can end homelessness. Get involved.