Help us end homelessness

Once we understand the issue of homelessness, most share a desire to help make things different. However, we all have different means, skills, availability and obligations. That’s why we’ve created a wide variety of options for volunteers to get involved.

Dignity Dishes

Do you love cooking up a storm in your home kitchen? Would you like to spread your love of homemade food? Dignity Dishes is a popular and flexible way to get involved with Dignity and make a real difference.

Our volunteers drop by warehouse and choose fresh ingredients for their cook up. Following our food handling and safety practices, volunteers get creative, whether it’s a chicken curry, baked dinner or comforting pasta dish. Volunteers then return to the distribution centre with portioned containers of homemade goodness, ready to be distributed – and savoured.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

We will often have other volunteering opportunities for people wanting to support Dignity and people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Visit SEEK Volunteer for details.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Warehouse VolunteerChullora

Do you have another idea about how you can help us in our mission to end homelessness?

We’d love to hear from you – get in touch now.