Over the past 12 months, we have increased our focus on assisting people to stay in their homes by easing the financial burden of putting food on the table. At a time when living costs are challenging for many people, this is a critical step in homelessness prevention.

Food relief not only reduces a person’s weekly grocery bill, importantly, collecting the meals from a community centre such as PCYC also provides access to additional support services if needed.

Dignity has distributed 54,500 food relief meals in the last 12 months, a 27% increase in meals on the previous year. Sadly, the growing demand for food relief is indicative of the growth in number of people living on the edge of homelessness.

In an effort to meet the demand, we are planning to increase the number of meals we distribute into the community considerably and we are very thankful to our Food Relief partner, Youfoodz, who are showing their commitment to Australians in need by doubling the number of meals they donate each month to 3,000 meals.


This month, Dignity was fortunate enough to receive a grant as part of the Australian Government’s 2022-2023 Volunteer Grant initiative to help us support our volunteers, who prepare home-made meals, to carry out the important work that they do.

We welcomed Federal Member for Fowler, Dai Le, to PCYC Liverpool to learn more about how food relief impacts communities in the local and surrounding areas.