Dignity Supports Youth with Coca-Cola Australia Foundation (CCAF) Employee Connected Grant

As a recipient of CCAF’s Employee Connected Grant, Dignity will provide additional support to youth experiencing homelessness with the grant funding set to lessen the burden of homelessness for families in need.

The CCAF is dedicated to creating possibilities for a brighter, more sustainable future for Australians today and generations to come. In 2020, the CCAF selected Dignity as one of its Employee Connected Grant Partners, donating $25,000 to help us make a difference where it counts, particularly during Covid-19.

Youth aged 12-18 years account for 10% of people experiencing homelessness, with a total of 10,913* youth recorded as homeless on census night in 2016. The CCAF Employee Grant will directly benefit this group with the youth of families staying in Dignity’s supported temporary accommodation provided with specific support based on their individual needs. This support will include access to technology through the provision of devices, assistance with school supplies and educational needs and transportation assistance for families when required.  

“At Dignity, empowering people experiencing homelessness is at the core of what we do and having the opportunity to tailor individual support for children of families dong it tough enables them to take back some control of their situation. Whether that is owning a device to assist with schoolwork or stay connected with friends or receiving educational support in the form of tutoring. The smiles on their faces show how grateful these kids are at such an uncertain time in their lives.”

Dignity CEO Suzanne Hopman

In addition, the CCAF Employee Grant funding will enable Dignity’s team of support staff to enhance their support skills specifically for children who have experienced trauma.