Build a House for Dignity This Christmas

This Christmas, join in the festive fun of building a gingerbread house and help end homelessness in Australia.

Gingerbread Making

Gingerbread Folk Gingerbread House Kits not only make a wonderful gift for family, friends, staff and clients, but will also help Dignity to meet the increasing demand for our services and support and empower people to end their homelessness.

Christmas Gingerbread House kits are Australian-made, all-natural, are egg and nut free and include royal-icing mix, baseboard, piping bag and instructions. All that is left to do is grab your lollies and get building – either at home or build together for a festive team or community event.

Use Dignity’s fundraising link to purchase Gingerbread House kits and receive a 5% discount on your purchase. Buy 10 or more kits and receive bulk purchase discounts.

Build a House for Dignity Gingerbread Houses cost $44.99 per kit and are available now.

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To purchase Dignity Gingerbread House kits, simply click the Purchase Now button below.

Dignity’s IHA Program Supports Ineligible Guests

Did you know that when someone finds themselves experiencing homelessness in Australia, there is government support available for supported temporary accommodation in most states.

However, for those people not eligible for government assistance due to their citizenship or visa status, it can be a particularly challenging time when life takes an unexpected turn.

Dignity’s new Ineligible for Government Housing Assistance (IHA) program is designed to support people experiencing homelessness where possible, regardless of their citizenship or visa status.

This support includes food relief, supported temporary accommodation and opportunities to participate in Dignity’s longer-term housing programs such as Ready To Work Housing.

Dignity currently supports three IHA residents in the Ready To Work Housing program.

Man sitting on couch using laptop

This week, in partnership with NSW Department of Communities & Justice, we opened two new guest houses to support larger families experiencing homelessness in Southwest Sydney.

The demand for Dignity’s supported temporary accommodation is greater than ever right now and sadly, we turn away bookings every day because our homes are full on most nights.

With these two beautiful new homes, we will have the ability to support more families to find their way forward out of homelessness. In fact, the homes have been full since we opened the doors.

A big thank you to the team from Endeavour Energy who were on site to help with setting up the houses including the construction of many pieces of flat pack furniture.

Dignity Family Guest Home
Dignity Family Guest Home