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We provide a range of innovative services that empower people experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Guest Homes

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Guest homes

Our emergency crisis accommodation provides a true home-like environment – complete with all the creature comforts, from home-cooked food to fresh sheets and clean towels. Guests can even bring their pets along to some of our properties.

We have 25 homes, with some of those set up as flexi houses to accommodate families whose members don’t all suit one of our existing homes. Flexi houses keep families together.

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Hope House

Hope House was established in August 2018, thanks to a donation from Bianca Rinehart through her Restore Hope initiative (now the Restore Hope Foundation). It was named in honour of Hope Hancock in recognition of her compassion, generosity and commitment to helping others.

With seven large bedrooms, Hope House accommodates up to 12 women and children every night. This partnership was forged with the shared vision of providing dignity and hope to women and children in crisis.

Grace House

Grace House was established in 2020, supported by a donation from the Ross Knowles Foundation.

It was named to honour the goodwill with “grace” shown to all. The Foundation was thrilled to be able to support an organisation that empowers their guests to create a better future for themselves.

Dignity Dishes

Homemade food is at the heart of every home, and you can find home-cooked meals ready to heat and eat in all of our guest homes. This creature comfort is thanks to the team of amazing volunteers at Dignity Dishes.

Our volunteers drop by our distribution centres and choose from fresh ingredients supplied by our various partners, including OzHarvest.

Following our food handling and safety practices, our volunteers get creative in the kitchen. Chicken curries, baked dinners and comforting pasta dishes are just some of the wonderful things on the menu. Our volunteers then return to the distribution centres with portioned containers of homemade goodness, ready to be distributed – and savoured.

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New clothing

We partner with Thread Together to give our guests brand new clothing, usually end-of-season or excess stock from Cotton On, YD, Target, Kmart, Best & Less and similar brands.

Sometimes our guests arrive with nothing after being discharged from hospital. In these cases, a hot shower and fresh, new clothes are the first step in helping someone get their life back on track.


Shelter, food and clothing are just some of the ways we support those experiencing homelessness. We think about the little things that can make a big change in the way people see themselves.

A support worker is on hand in each guest home to understand the situation our guests find themselves in and arrange targeted and specific support for each person.

Our team can advocate on behalf of those who need while they are regaining their confidence and control.

Changing attitudes

One of the biggest challenges in ending homelessness is changing attitudes. If we all understood the issue and how it can impact anyone, there’s no doubt we’d be all working together to end homelessness right now.

It could happen to you. That’s why we’re working to end homelessness – so it doesn’t happen to you, or anyone else.

We work closely with businesses, schools, organisations and communities to raise awareness about homelessness, dispel the myths and stigma surrounding homelessness, and educate people on how we can work together to find solutions and end homelessness.

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We constantly hear stories from the community about people who are having to make hard choices daily because of financial hardship. Many of these people are at risk of homelessness.

Our food relief program diverts fresh fruit and vegetables (that were destined for landfill) to the kitchens of people who need it most. Food relief puts smiles back on the faces of people whose everyday worries needn’t include putting food on the table – and reduces waste and the risk of homelessness in the process.

Dignity’s Food Relief program is available to those in need at a number of locations in NSW. Please call Dignity on 1300 332 334 for details.

Together we can end homelessness. Get involved.

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