Responding to Homelessness

Homelessness can happen to anyone. When it does, Dignity’s supported temporary accommodation provides people with a safe place to stay and onsite support to empower our guests to find a new path forward.

Guest homes

Dignity’s supported guest homes provide a safe and comfortable place for individuals and families during their time of crisis, with fresh sheets on the beds, homemade meals in the fridge and crucial support from our dedicated onsite team. In many instances, homelessness can be solved quickly if the right support is provided at the outset of someone’s homelessness.


By first providing the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing, our support team then assist our guests to achieve housing outcomes and linking them with appropriate additional services.

Sometimes all a guest needs is to be treated with Dignity and heard, while other guests may need more intensive wrap-around support in collaboration with our government and non-government partners.

New clothing

We partner with Thread Together and others to give our guests new, good quality clothing from Australian fashion brands. Sometimes our guests arrive with nothing other than the clothes they are wearing. In these cases, a hot shower and fresh, new clothes are the first step in helping someone get their life back on track.

Together we can end homelessness. Get involved.